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Helen K Siegl


Helen Siegl

Print maker, Illustrator, who worked in various mediums - woodblocks, plaster blocks, linoleum blocks, etchings, lithographs monotype

Helen Siegl was born August 18, 1924 and raised in Vienna, Austria. She studied art under Professor Oswald Haetel at the Academie Fur Angewandte Kunst. She applied and then received an apprenticeship with Haetel and worked in his studio from 1946 to 1951.

In 1952, Siegl moved to Montreal, Canada, and shortly thereafter married Theodor Siegl, Conservator of Paintings for the Philadelphia Museum of Art. After moving to and living in Philadelphia, Helen became an American citizen in 1959.

During her career, Helen Siegl gained a large reputation for both her individual signed and numbered prints and for her book illustrations. In this latter category, she illustrated such well known works as The Dancing Palm Tree (Texas Tech) which was chosen one of The Years Best Illustrated Children's Books from the New York Times in 1990, Aesop's Fables (Random House), Birds and Beasts (World Publishing), Earrings for Celia (Pantheon), and Indian Tales (Random House). Helen also illustrated limited edition books such as Mother Goose & Herbal (Janus Press). As well, she also designed calendars for UNICEF.

As a print maker, Siegl was well known for her innovative techniques, often combining wood blocks, linoleum block, etchings and even plaster blocks within the same work of art. Helen's plaster block technique appeared in the American Artist magazine in May 1955. She also gave lectures on the subject at the Print Club in Philadelphia.

In her private life, Helen and Theodor had seven boys and one girl. Their children were great inspiration for Helen's work which she was able to do from home.

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