Helen Siegl House

Looking up front front of house Looking out from loft round window Looking at back of house from field
Looking out to the back from loft Kitchen view from living room owl
Looking at wood stove Looking down from spiral stairs Looking up from back porch
bedroomt to bathroom view owl Front walkway
kitchen Front of looking east on Fisher Hill Rd night time view of front
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House as viewed from the front

Thank you for your interest in Helen Siegl's house.
The house is currently unavailable

You may see more photos here.

Looking at south side of kitchen area Looking up at front of house Looking down to living room from loft Looking at house from grass driveway
Wood Stove Owl wood shed Path on west side of house Looking at house from front
Looking at first floor bedroom View of atrium from loft Bird huse on back porch stairs Above front door
bedroom to bathroom view Bird House on back porch Front walk in summer Looking down spiral stair case toward kitchen
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